Giant Black Hairy Spider with Long Legs - X-Large – 110cm


Product Description

The x-large hairy spider is an awesome decoration for you Halloween party or if you just like to have some silly fun with your friends and family. Ideally place this beast anywhere that it might not be noticed straight away (now this might be hard with the size of it!). Attached to the spider is a hanging loop so if you can’t find a place to set him then you might just want to hang him up somewhere instead.

This black furry spider has eight adjustable legs, a smooth abdomen and thorax on the underside and two bright red beads for eyes. Even if you are a scared of spiders never mind tarantulas you might just fall in love with this little guy, as he is so strokable because of his soft fur!

Approx. measurements length 79cm, width 110cm, depth 8cm

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