No costume is complete without the fine detailed finishing touches perfectly made by make-up! Make-up is largely used for costumes for all occasions, whether it's a fancy dress party, Halloween or maybe even for the stage or the movie screen! It goes without saying that make up is essential for fancy dress to help you transform into the new character and disguise your usual image.


Get your hands dirty with some professional make up products and have some fun! Getting creative with liquid latex, putty or even wax to mould prosthetics can really transform your costume from ok to WOW! This is largely popular with Halloween zombies, creating walking dead beings with blood and latex to give party goers the frights. Don't stop there, always remember your hair! Sometimes wigs just don't do, and only a few people are committed to dying their hair for Halloween, but don't worry we've got you covered! Colour hair sprays range in quality. We have sprays that would be perfect for dressing up for a parade or Halloween and sprays perfect for the stage to change the colour of those perfectly styled synthetic wigs. However, make up is all about having fun, being creative and expressing yourself so remember, you don't need to be a professional make-up artist to paint a face! We stock a huge range of products perfect for all of your needs and of course for the needs of your skin! Snazaroo face paints are recommended for use on sensitive skin and children's skin. Have a look at our range of colours and glitters perfect for any type of party!