Halloween Props

Props make a great addition to your Halloween decoration collection! Go that extra mile this Halloween to include some props in your decor; they really add a terrifying vibe to your party atmosphere!

Skeleton animals including a dog, rat and a cat are great for frightening your party guests. Set them on the ground, in the garden or on a table, wherever you desire these props are really well made and worth the buy!

Maybe you want a more exotic theme to your party? Or maybe you’re focusing on phobias? Rubber snakes are great for recreating this theme. These lifelike snakes come in a range of sizes from small to very large. They don’t move but they sure are freaky!

Is the apocalypse something you want to recreate for your party? Then zombie intestines, brains, hearts and cut off limbs are what you need! They’ll make a great centre piece for your table!