Adult Emergency Hooded Rain Poncho – Clear


Product Description

Unisex Adult Emergency Hooded Rain Poncho - Transparent  
Don’t let a surprise rain shower ruin your plans again! Carry a reusable Adult Emergency Hooded Rain Ponchos wherever you go! Is 100% waterproof and windproof so you’ll be dry and warm, made from a strong synthetic material and comes in a pocket-size pouch so they are easily stored in a handbag pocket, rucksack or even keeping spares in the car for other rainy occasions.
Not only are they a bargain for the price but once used dry it out and folding them back neatly into your bag for next time, plenty of room in them so they’ll don't split when you sit down  and will cover yourself and your backpack.
Perfect if you like to travel light and they’re fabulous on a chilly boat trips and bus tours/rides as their windproof, great for football matches and sporting events, perfect for camping, ideal for travelling, fantastic for live music gigs, do the trick at Theme Parks, a must have for music festivals, a blessing when you caught on the hop shopping and a savour on a lovely day out and need to stay dry. Could they be the new girl’s best friend? Whether you’re going out on a girly night out, waiting on a taxi at the end of the night or walking back from the pub you don’t want to be caught in the rain and the benefit of a the clear or Transparent Poncho isn’t just that you will stay dry and warm but the effort you’ve put into you outfit can still be seen by everyone as the poncho is see-through.
Its best to be prepared this festival season with our slim line lightweight emergency poncho with hood, packed in a transparent polybag, they’re so light and easy to carry you could share with friend and save the day or use as a spare poncho as a pick up move if you see someone you like.
If you hosting outdoor events rain ponchos are a must as there’s always a good chance of rain in this country! Almost everyone gets caught out in summer rain here so help your punters enjoy the event and stay dry

As the Autumn and Winter weather approach it brings with it plenty of rain but lots of fun too! like the world famous Oktoberfest Beer Festival, why not keep a few rain ponchos in your lederhosen for you and your friends?  Then we have Halloween possibly the coolest time of the year with the most awesome of party’s! Keep your costume dry and your makeup on you face with one of our light weight rain ponchos… Not forgetting the beautiful and magical Christmas and festive party’s and work nights out, so its best to be prepared for rain so as not to dampen the mood.
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