Halloween Capes & Robes

Looking for a quick disguise? Or recreating a famous character with a cape? Maybe it's a Dead Red Riding Hood, Witch or Dracula? Whatever the character we have a range of capes to suit your needs!

Short capes and long capes, in a range of colours, materials and fastenings! Some tie around the neck, others have a clasp and others are fastened with Velcro! Have a look at our range to find which is comfortable for you!

Maybe you're looking for something unique? We have a bat wings cape for any sultry vampire, a coffin cape for a seductive vampire or even a day of the dead cape for any sugar skull costume!

Velvet capes add a luxurious feel to the costume, and short capes are great for ladies and kids! Capes with hoods are perfect for a scary themed costume; they add an element of mystery to anyone who wears one!

Capes aren't just for disguise, sometime they help you stand out in a crowd! Our glamorous witches have a range of glitter capes to choose from, to add some extra sparkle and sass to their costume!