60's & 70's Kids Costumes

60's fancy dress tends to be short psychedelic flower power dresses with white platform knee high boots. You can get boot covers with your costume that will transform any boots into the ideal white knee highs. 70's fancy dress costumes can include hippy fancy dress and tend to be more flower patterned and flowing in style, often with flares for both men and women and flower power, psychedelic shirts. 


70's fancy dress ideas can be very easy to create, if you don't want to buy an entire costume you can add a range of accessories to create the perfect look with minimum effort or expense. Try a hippy style belt, ban the bomb logos on medallions, rings, earrings or belts add instant flower power.

Wigs can also make a look, try a high 60's style wig and add a flower embellished or brightly patterned headband or choker; or choose a more relaxed wig with long flowing locks and add some beads or a beaded headband. Make up is the finishing touch, 60s monochrome eyes with huge fake lashes look great, or try painting flowers on your cheek or any other exposed skin.

For a quicker finish, simply add heart, star, or John Lennon style round sunglasses and the perfect hippy costume is complete.Edging into the late 70s begins the discos era, so some funky afros, discoball earrings and sequin caps are what you need!