Decades 20's - 90's

Fancy dress parties are the perfect occasion to take a dive into past eras and experience different styles! Here at Elliotts you’ll find a wide range of costumes and accessories to instantly travel in time! Every lady will be able to instantly transform herself into a ‘flapper girl’ from the ‘Roaring Twenties’ and dance her feet off in a crazy Charleston showing off her sparkling tassels, beads, and revolutionary bob-style haircut. A 1920’s man will be likely to gangster around with his fedora hat, pinstriped suit, white scarf and his classic tommy gun.

Our 1930-40’s range of costume and accessories will offer a choice of Sweethearts, elegant Butlers and Golfers, to relive a decade deeply influenced by music and cinema. But you’ll also find Naval Officers, Air Force Captains and Land Girls as the outbreak of World War II gets nearer.

For those who love the 1950’s, how can we not mention the licensed costume from ‘Grease’ the cult musical set? Become the sweet Sandy, or the pink-haired Frenchy, or any other girl of the Pink Ladies Team! You’ll be surprised to find out how many accessories we stock to compliment your 1950’s outfit, and don’t forget that Elvis, John Travolta and Marilyn Monroe are some of the icons of these years!

Fed up with past generations? Jump on a Hippie Bus then, and start the Love Revolution all over again! All you need is just a Tie-Dye dress, a fringed waistcoat, penny glasses and peace medallions, and of course, lots of love! Men will also find a wide range of 1970’s style moustaches that will back memories of some (not too old!) family pictures!

Is your party set in the 1980’s? Well done! You’ll get so excited to wear one of those fantastic outfits that the actors, actresses and rock stars were famous for wearing at that time! In a blink of an eye you’ll be able to look exactly like a famous celebrity such as Michael Jackson or Madonna, or even Pamela or the Hoff from Baywatch and Top Gun fighter pilots too!

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