1920s Gangster & Moll

Gangsters were a common sight in the 1920s. They are therefore perfect attire for a 1920s fancy dress party. The gangster look consists of white, red or black colours. The men of the 1920s were gangsters with silk suits, guns and diamond rings. The most famous gangster is "Scarface" Al Capone. For men, there are many styles of gangster fancy dress. Braces were used to hold up their trousers. All men wore a tie. Zoot suits were a luxury item for men. These suits have high waisted and wide legged trousers accompanied by a long coat with wide lapels and padded shoulders. A gangster wore a hat to match his suit. Hats tended to be a fedora or a trilby and made from wool or soft felt. Men wore spats which were items worn over shoes to protect them from dirt.

For 1920's fancy dress a moll tended to wear "flapper" dresses which were always short and contained tassels or lace. As an alternative, the women wore tight black dresses with a hat. Many accessories can be purchased alongside 1920s costumes. The women always carried long cigarette holders. Their hair was short and sleek, in a bob, with a full fringe. Wigs can be bought to imitate the look. The women often wore large feathers in their hair held by a large headband. A moll wore pearl necklaces which hung very low. When going to a gangster and moll fancy dress party, Bonnie and Clyde were the most famous double act to impersonate. 1920s costumes should be accompanied by an imitation gun