Elf Accessories

Elves have pointy ears and funny shoes. They wear green and red hat and have rosy red cheeks. To recreate the classic Christmas Elf costume, we have a range of authentic elf accessories so that you really look the part as Santa!


Elf ears come in different shapes and sizes for you to create the ultimate look. For the authentic elf we recommend pixie tips. These are a popular accessory worn at the top of the ears to make it look like you really have elf ears! Please note you must purchase some spirit gum to stick them on with!

Large elf ears are on a headband and look great for comical use and also comfortable wear! Elf ears that fit over the ears also look great, and paired with an elf hat really create and authentic elf look!

Rosy red cheeks can be achieved using some Snazaroo bright red paint!

And last but not least, no elf costume would be complete without an elf hat. You can choose a red and green elf hat with bobbles, with ears already attached on a mini hat on headband!