Santa and his Elves

Pay a visit to the North Pole and breathe in some fresh polar air! This year we have plenty of great ideas for you for your Christmas party outfit! We stock a wide range of costumes to dress up as the cheerful Santa’s team. Starting from Santa himself, you’ll find costumes for all purposes, from the family party or a school play to the luxury Santa suits and coats for professional use. It doesn’t matter your size, even if you don’t resemble the big man himself, we have a Santa belly for you!


Every year our customers are happy to find costumes and accessories that match their needs and desires. Elliotts has everything an elf-to-be would need: pointy ears, striped tights, hats, jingling shoes and whatever else a good Santa Helper needs to wear. For Mrs Santa Claus we have a perfect dress, wig and glasses, and a lovely apron to wear while cooking those nice gingerbread biscuits!

Last but not least, reindeer costumes and accessories, fun novelty hats and antlers are available in store and online! And if it’s just a ‘christmasy’ touch you’re looking for, don’t forget to check our generous selection of Santa’s hats; from the plain ones to the tinsel and extra-long, we have something to suit everybody’s taste!