RingMaster - Boys


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Product Description

The greatest show is finally here and now you can dress up like the main man himself Mr P.T Barnum and gather together your group of wonderful curiosities and put on the greatest show of a lifetime! Whether you have one dream or a million dreams this man shows us that if you want it enough you can achieve it! Dress up as this inspirational man in this brilliant replica costume and take a step to the other side and embrace your inner showman and remember that from now on “the noblest art is that of making other’s happy”.

This costume consists of a top, trousers and hat. The top is a red velvet-look tailed waist coat with a high collar, black panel with gold trim at the chest and nice gold button decoration –which is not pictured. On the shoulder there are two black velvet epaulettes with more gold trimming. The top is easily fastened with Velcro. The trousers are black velvet with red satin ribbon and gold trim down the side. The waist is elasticated for a comfortable fit. The hat comes with foam inside to give it shape but a black velvet-look outside, and it is decorated with a red and gold ribbon matching the trousers’.

Just add a pair of white gloves and a cane to complete your Greatest Showman Ringmaster look!

This costume includes:

  • Hat
  • Jacket
  • Trousers


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