Pink Floral Elephant Ceiling Decoration – 3pk


Product Description

Turn your home into a pink wonderland for a gender reveal party, baby shower or your little princess’s birthday party.

1.    Unfold the decoration and centre the ribbon lengthwise, fan out the tissue paper, flatten the accordion and fold onto the surface you are working on.
2.    Starting at one end of the tissue, gently pull the top sheet of tissue up towards the centre. Repeat one sheet at a time, you should have now worked 5 of the sheets to make half the puff ball.
3.    Hold the ribbon that is tied at the inside of the centre of the puff ball and turn the puff ball upside down, repeat step 2 on the reverse side until you have completed your fluffy puff ball.
4.    Remove the adhesive backing and attach the pink and white gingham ear cut outs, refer to inside of packaging for placement.
5.    Use the attached ribbon to hang the puff ball to your desired spot.

Approx. measurements 22.8cm

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