Kryolan Make-Up-Setting Translucent Powder TL1 Clear 60g


Product Description

KRYOLAN: Translucent Powder is characterized by it’s fineness and high degree of colour neutrality (it contains a large share of rice starch).

FX Artists apply Translucent Powder to Latex, Gellafex, Wax, Artex and Putty to create an even platform between your skin and the applied F/X before the application of make-up. Apply to latex to remove the tackiness and prevent it sticking to itself when ripped to create wounds.

Makeup Artists have been using this product for a very long time. This product is best applied using a Powder Puff or Powder Brush. Its role in professional and now home applications is to absorb the liquid from make-up in order to set and enhance the durability of the make-up. The fine powder particles produce a comfortable, pleasant wearing feeling. It is vital in setting grease cream or oil foundations for a matte finish.

For extreme durability apply Fixing Spray over the Translucent Powder to create an invisible protective film which will prolong the life of the make-up and its effects. The make-up is then protected, smudge and rub-proof.

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