Flags Of The World 3ft X 5ft

Today every country and many organisations have a flags which are usually hoisted on a flagpole so that everyone can be reminded of the values and history of the country. For many people flags can create a sense of belonging; people take much pride in their country’s flag and associate it with patriotism.


Here at Elliott’s we have a huge range of world flags available in 3x5ft, hand flags, table flags and bunting. You can buy your flags online and it will be delivered straight to your door! If you’re holding a party for a friend or family member emigrating, flags are the perfect decoration to set the scene of your themed party! Most commonly, people emigrate to Australia or America. For an Australian themed party why not purchase some Australian bunting and hand held or table flags from our online flag shop? Go that extra mile and accessorise you party with Aussie cork hats and kangaroo inflatables!

American Independence Day is held on the 4th of July annually. It’s a recognised holiday and celebrated throughout the USA. This day usually consists of family picnics, street parties, bonfires, flag ceremonies and a huge fireworks display. Hand flags are a great way to show support in the streets, and red, white and blue bunting is used to decorate homes, boats, buildings and streets!