Flags of the World

Flags for all occasions! We have table flags with stands which are great for photoshoots and debates. They are also ideal for European day at school as the flag can sit neatly on the desk as your child works away in his or her chosen country costume.


Next size up are hand-held flags, they are slightly bigger with a wooden stick for waving the flag around in your hand. These come in a variety of countries from around the world, also we have black and white checkered hand-held flags which are required for race events, used at both the start of the race and the end. They can be used to start car races, bikes or go-carting races or even a track event, the chequered flag adds a nice visual touch to the beginning of a race and the adds that extra drama for the finish.

Lastly we have our five foot by three foot flags, we have a great range of World Country Flags, suitable for various World Cups (Football, Rugby Union and League) and the Olympic events. Go on... get one and support your home or adopted country with one of our 5tf x 3ft Nation Flags! We also have some Pirate themed flags great as a backdrop for kids pirate parties or pirate theme events. And a selection of Pride flags too.

Browse through the vast array of flags for sale available to purchase either online or in store. You may even consider buying flags to create-your-own bunting, so you choose what nations are on show. Whatever you choose to do we have great range of World Flags to choose from.