Ankh Cross Sceptre / Egyptian Sceptre


Product Description

At the top of this sceptre is an Egyptian Cross. The Egyptian Cross is also known as an Ankh Cross. This was originally an Egyptian hieroglyph that was used to represent the word for ‘life’. The cross then became a symbol of life and of ancient Egypt.

This cross has often seen from ancient hieroglyphs that Pharaohs, King and Queens holding this in their hands to preserve their immortality. So, why not the next you are dressing up or when you will be dressing up as a Pharaoh or Queen Cleopatria add this accessory to your costume.

This sceptre is gold with black detailing giving the item an ancient look. The items come in two pieces the top being the Ankh Cross and the pole where you will attach it too. On the cross itself there is detailing that is carved into it. At the top of the cross is an all-seeing-eye with wings going down both sides on the tear drop loop. At the bottom of the loop is two snakes attached to each other but looking the opposite direction.

Approx. measurements 48cm

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