Superheroes & Villains Accessories

Now to complete your superhero or villain costume! From gloves to shields we have everything you need to hero up your look.


Whether you are dressing up in full costume and need the finishing touches, we have you covered. For dressing up as Wonder Woman or Captain America, we have the shield for you. Dressing up as the God of Thunder, we have a range of hammers online and instore that we think you need to have a look at. Wanting to dress up as everyone’s favourite villain Harley Quinn, well we have wigs for both adults and children plus her famous inflatable baseball bat!

For both adults and children who are attending a superhero event but don’t want to go all out and dress up in full costume! Don’t worry, we also have a range of instant superhero kits consisting of capes and masks that are truly great for all superhero occasions. So, browse the range online or check it out instore to create to your super-duper Superhero look or evil Villain costume!