Sexy fancy dress outfits are a well honoured tradition for adult themed parties. If you have been invited to an adult fancy dress party and you are looking for sexy costumes you may find that the fun actually begins when choosing your outfit!

This is arguably an easier category for ladies as sexy outfits on almost every theme are available for women. However, men should not be disheartened as there are plenty out there. There are many classic sexy outfits for both men and women and many themes are influenced by current movie trends so try taking inspiration from Hollywood.

Sexy costumes are also great for clubbers and for other themed parties such as University Freshers Weeks and also Hen and Stag parties. Many adult fancy dress or costume parties are themed: Uniform Parties, Wild West Parties and Pirate Parties are very popular and Vicars and Tarts parties never go out of fashion.

The traditional Vicars and Tarts parties reversed the gender norms with men coming as tarts and the ladies as vicars. However this is not always the case so it might be a good idea to check before you turn up!

Adult themed parties are great at Christmas as there is a wide range of costumes with a Christmas theme. There is also a good selection of fun Sexy Halloween Costumes.

Adult fancy dress is available in a range of sizes for both men and women with even the curviest and stoutest of figures catered for. Fancy dress parties and themed events are great fun and a good excuse to lose your inhibitions and let your hair down.