Rock & Pop

Wanna be a millionaire so freaking much? Why not try it just for a night whilst wearing a pop or rock star fancy dress outfit. These outfits are perfect for fancy dress parties, great for festivals and if you really want to, then even a picnic in the park - but beware of the screaming fans.

Choose from specific rockers and pop icons or perhaps just a general look which can be whoever you need it to be. When was your heyday, fifties, seventies, nineties? Our fancy dress options cover the last six decades from the fifties onwards.

If you've always wanted to bop or twist like it was the fifties then a jitterbug or twist style skirt can help you groove away. If you're more country bumpkin than eastside rapper but wish to play the part for a night, then an eighties or nineties rapper outfit may be the one for you.

The big icons are easily identifiable with costumes in the style of Elvis, Madonna and Freddie Mercury. Lesser known artists are achievable with generic themed costumes. If you want to be Ziggy Stardust or David Bowie for the night then a seventies glam rock fancy dress costume, complete with flares and shimmer is in order. For eighties rockers such as Def Leppard, Alice Cooper or AC/DC then generic eighties rocker outfits can transform you back in time.

Be whoever you want to be from Abba to ZZ Top with this great choice of rock and pop star fancy dress costumes.