Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day has been a massive fundraising event ever since the very beginning! On the 5th of February 1988 all our favourite celebrities including Lenny Henry, made an appearance on TV  to help people in need and you can have fun doing it as well - it's as easy as laughing! Thanks to Comic Relief, who launched the Red Nose Day as a fundraising event; there are two concepts - donations are made during the TV show or, individuals and clubs can organise a run or a sponsored dress up where you just need to wear a red nose and add a funny red accessory. For example a nice red wig is usually very popular and we have a great range to choose from - from fun tinsel wigs to great quality rag doll wigs! If you don't want a wig, how about spraying your hair red? Our hairsprays will wash out with shampoo.


The aim of Red Nose Day is to improve the life of many people both in Ethiopia and in the UK. The project is so loved by the whole country that Red Nose Day is celebrated in schools, were children get the chance to leave the school uniform at home!

So look no further on this page you’ll find whatever you may need to create the perfect Red Nose Day look; from make up to red wigs, tights, accessories, everything you could think of is at your fingertips. What you’re waiting for! Have a look at our Red Nose section and free your creativity!