Cavemen & Cavewomen

Step back to the prehistoric times and go in a caveman costume. Caveman fancy dress is fun and risqué, with the furry or "Flintstone" look, wig and club you will be a mean looking prehistoric man. Why not get your wife or partner to accompany you in a Cavewomen fancy dress costume? You will be the perfect match with her sexy "Bedrock" look, rocks and club you will be a force to reckon with.


There is always the dilemma of what to wear to a fancy dress party. Do you go with the latest in thing character and hope that no one else has done the same? Or go for something that is daring and out of the ordinary? It is always embarrassing turning up to a party only to find that at least five other people have had the same idea and that their costume is better than yours. So why not go for something different, something that is fun and unexpected. Something that you are going to look back on and think what a great idea. Take a trip back in time where men tackle sabre-toothed tigers; go back to a period where we can all be primates. You could almost guarantee that you will be the only ones to think of such a brilliant idea and if you get your caveman costume from Elliott's  where you will be sure that the costume is of the highest quality and standard