Viking Ages (8th to the 11th Century)

A Viking costume is the perfect outfit for those who want something more unusual for their fancy dress occasion. The Vikings were famous for trading and traveling and their clothing style is recognisable all over the world. Whether it's an adult party or a children's party, whether you're looking for a male or female costume, there's something here to suit everyone looking for a Viking fancy dress costume!

Thor was one of the most famous Viking Gods and for a man there is no better choice than a striking and fun Nordic God costume. From the armbands to the horned helmet and everything in between, this outfit is sure to get you noticed! There is also a thick belt and boots with this choice of costume. Horned helmets with a blond wig can be bought separately.

For ladies who want to dress to impress at a costume party, there are plenty of choices in terms of Viking outfits. The Valkyrie Viking costume for women includes a pair of shin guards, a cape which is detachable, gauntlets and a belt, so you'll have everything you need to look the part.

For the younger party goers who want to make an entrance with a fantastic costume, there are also children's Viking outfits available; so anyone at any age can become a Viking! The girls Viking costumes vary from a dress with wrist cuffs to a skirt, top, armbands and sheath combination. Boy's costumes include a belt, hat and trousers for the ultimate Viking look.