Pre wedding parties, outings or holidays are very popular and big business nowadays. As a way of marking the end of a decadent single life and the beginning of a more responsible and sensible lifestyle the stag or hen party is a chance for friends old and new and family members to get together and act the fool.

Traditionally a single sex affair, however, the stag or hen party rules can be bent a little allowing any special friends of the opposite sex to join in the fun. The stag do usually has a theme or themed clothing, make up or wig so that all the participants can be identified as part of the gang.

There are many specialist shops and companies that cater for these events and provide stag do costumes. As for themes, the more wacky and wonderful the better is the usual protocol.

The theme may come into being naturally as the potential groom or stag may be well known among his friends and relatives for a certain hobby, pastime or obsession. Examples of this may be costumes relating to Star Wars, superheroes, an era such as the seventies or eighties or even an occupational theme such as army, police or doctors!

If the theme is not obvious then many companies can provide great stag do fancy dress ideas. They will have a whole host of fancy dress costumes to trawl through and get inspiration; outfits that relate to horror or Western genre of films are two such stag costumes that can be bought en mass. Choosing the ideal stag costumes should be a fun occurrence in itself.