Halloween Contact Lenses

The eyes are the window to the soul...So why not choose Halloween contact lenses and make that soul look evil!
Changing your eye colour can change your entire image! A wild cat costume doesn't look right without some cat eye lenses. A vampire isn't the same without bright red eyes! A zombie costume isn't complete without dead white eyes!

Contact lenses are easy to use and come in 1 day use, 1 month use and 3 month use. Not to worry, 1 month and 3 month lenses come with a bottle of free solution so you can reuse as many times as you like!

We stock range of style including cat eyes in lots of colours, coloured out eyes to change your iris, natural contacts and even UV lenses!
Lenses can completely alter your appearance and are the ultimate finishing touch for a costume. Blind eyes, black out lenses, red vampire eyes and white zombie eyes are a best seller!

Get creative and have a look at our huge range of lenses to find a pair that suit you!