Halloween Jewellery & Glasses

Diamonds are definitely a girls best friend but at Halloween everyone needs a little extra sparkle (or not) to complete their terrifying costume!

Skeleton brides, sugar skulls and anything else that shows a lot of bone, we have some excellent bone jewellery to compliment your costume. Necklaces, rings, hand jewels, the whole lot!

For any vampire OR vampire hunter, we have some exquisite gothic cross necklaces to complete a dapper, dark vampire look.

Every Sugar Skull needs some extra glam, and we have all the glam you need with our Day of the Dead jewellery range. You’re spoilt for choice with our colourful rings, bracelets, necklaces and chokers!

Does your character require glasses? Some Dracula Shades or freaky Monster Eyes? Transform yourself into someone unrecognisable with some glasses and go all out this Halloween!