Fairytale Accessories

Fairytales are a type of short story that capture our imaginations as they typically include fantasy characters such as dwarves, elves, fairies, giants, mermaids and witches, they also usually include the use of magic or enchantments. They add that little bit of sparkle and magic to our lives as we watch the fairytale unravel. Most fairytales that we would see all include the magical happily ever after end scene, but this is just a new concept that was added into fairytales when they were made into films, original fairytale books where much darker than this.


Original writers of fairy tales include the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault  and Hans Christian Anderson, their fairytales where then adapted into much loved films by movie companies such as Walt Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks.

Disney is a company that is well known to bring Fairytales to life with the work of their brilliant animation and the soundtracks used in the film. Disney's most well known fairytales include Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty, Tangled and Frozen.

Pixar is a company that works closely with Disney, they help create the magic that is in some of our favourite fairytales. Pixar's most well known fairytales include Brave, Toy Story and the Incredibles.

DreamWorks is an independent film company, this company is well known for its less traditionally fairytales and soundtracks. DreamWorks most well known fairytales include Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon.

Here at Elliotts we have a whole range of fairytale costumes from your favourite princesses, to your mighty heros and even your fantasy creatures such as dragons, dinosaurs and mermaids. So why not take a step into Once Upon A Time and dress up as your favourite fairytale character.