Book Day for Teachers

We take Children’s Book Week incredibly seriously! So teachers, it’s time to literally bring literature to life and don a fancy dress outfit that will awaken young imaginations.


Our Book Week fancy dress costumes for teachers cover a wide range of characters including those you love to hate, famous heroines to swashbuckling adventurers. Enliven your classroom during Book Week as Robin Hood, Harry Potter or as a fairy tale princess.

Get into the spirit of Book Week in your school by re-enacting classic stories, delving into contemporary favourites and introducing famous authors. Your fancy dress outfit will awaken a passion for fiction and introduce children to the gift of reading - you could even inspire the next generation of visionary writers and poets.

Available in a range of sizes, we have something for men and women - so teachers, you can now sail the seven seas as a pirate and never grow up as Peter Pan, or play croquet and scream "OFF WITH THEIR HEAD" to any latecomers in our Queen of Hearts costume! We know you’ll have pupils searching for a golden ticket within their Wonka Bar as the crazy Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. On the other hand, we’re sure you’ll encourage the singing of many witty songs as an Oompa Loompa!

Popular Book Week fancy dress costumes for women include long flowing dresses which are ideal if you want to perform a historic legacy or the work of a great playwright. If this is what you’re looking for, then why not recite famous passages by William Shakespeare as Lady Juliet or dazzle in the deluxe Cleopatra costume. We’ve selected only the best quality at affordable prices.

The infectious celebrations of Book Week have seen the introduction of other literary related festivals around the world such as Book Day and Month. Team your outfit with a range of accessories from outrageous wigs, sweeping hooded capes and absurd hats. Just browse our various themes to find the right fancy dress outfit for you. Fly into action as Batman or Harry Potter to give your pupils the best Book Week - ever!