Australia Costumes

 Whatever your idea is, your Australia-themed party will be a huge success if you let us inspire you! Our Australia fancy dress allows you to become the famous Crocodile Dundee all you need is the correct outfit and accessories, as well as decorations for the perfect Australia themed party! Australian cork hats are a must have for the attendees of any Australian party, so make sure to get yours instore or online! Hawaiian beach shirts are also great because we know it’s going to be sunny in Australia! Bring some humour to the party with our Carry-me Kangaroo costume, perfect to dress the person migrating in, so they really know what they’re in for when they move! 

Don’t forget to decorate your party or accessorise your costume with some inflatables including our inflatable crocodile, kangaroo and beach ball! Rubber snakes, spiders and bugs are also a great way to set the down-under theme! Make sure to get some Australian flags and bunting to decorate the party! We have flags in a range of sizes including 5x3, table flags and bunting! ! Whatever you do, don’t forget to chill some beers for the party!