USA Costumes

They gave us the light bulb, the QWERTY key board, deodorant, and what would we do without our mobile phones?! What better way to honour them than dressing up as them!


We have a wide range of costumes and accessories that are USA themed. Pretend to be the one of the White House leaders for a night. Dress up as Barack Obama or Donald Trump with our range of Obama and Trump masks! (Can you believe we have these two in the same sentence?) Maybe you want to take a step back in time? A stovepipe hat and grey/white beard would be perfect for creating the look of Abraham Lincoln! Every little boy wants to be an astronaut and we have just what you need! America is famous for NASA since 1958 and has educated us on what's beyond our planet since then! Let your little one escape from this world and dress up as a Space boy or girl with our range of astronaut costumes and helmets. Then there's food. Everyone loves food, but not as much as the Americans. Bring a little comedy to your USA theme and dress up as a pizza slice, some bacon or even an egg! Maybe get your gang together and create a whole meal with our steak, ketchup, fries and beer costumes! Are you peppy? Maybe a cheerleading costume is right for you! We have a range of cheerleaders from our Grease Sandy Cheerleader to just a regular school cheerleader! Cheerleading originated in the USA and has scattered to various countries around the world including the UK. So it's perfect for you with out range of girls and ladies sizes! And don't forget your pom-poms and wig!