Choose a European fancy dress costume for something a little bit different. It's not as difficult as you might think to come up with a worthy outfit from somewhere so close to home.

German fancy dress costumes range from military to traditional and you can take your pick from a range of accessories that match across our various costumes. A German lederhosen outfit is compulsory if you're planning a party in a pub. A German beer woman or Bavarian girl is perfect for ladies and girls. And the men and boys must wear German lederhosen!  If you want to get some extra laughs, you could add our carry-me Bavarian man or woman costume! The only accessory you need to add is a tankard of German beer (for the over 18s only) and perhaps some knee high socks and braided wig.

Spanish fancy dress is suitable for girls and guys. Matador outfits with a cape and cloak make you look the part instantly or you can be a sweet senorita in a sassy Spanish frock. The flamboyant style is an excellent choice if you are going to a themed party as a couple. Add fans, hats and gloves for a complete flamenco look.

St. Patrick's Day instigates a world of green-themed costumes, but for authentic tongue in cheek appeal, a leprechaun outfit is the way to go. Dress up or dress down and add a ginger wig and beard if you please, for full-on foolery. Irish fancy dress can be as simple as a green top hat or create your own customised St Patrick's Day outfit with a smart top hat, jacket and tie. Add any of our accessories to your everyday clothes for an instant costume with instant Emerald Isle appeal.

Explore British culture with a boy's busby guard costume, children's prince harry or army officer costume! For adults who want to have a laugh we have a range of food accessories. Get your friends together and create a British fry! And for the french, a striped top, beret, garlic garlands and french man moustache is the perfect costume!