Animal fancy dress is now as popular as ever here at Elliott's! It is not just adult costumes that people are constantly wanting to buy, the younger generation are getting in on the act at fancy dress parties too. Hence childrens animal costumes are being increasingly sought after as well as adults.

One thing that makes dressing up as an animal particularly popular is because it can be associated with the type of parties people tend to have such as "hen" parties and "stag" nights for example. Obviously, a person doesn't necessarily have to dress up as an animal at these events but it can make them more fun and appropriate if they do! However, if one wants to dress up as a chicken, reindeer or rabbit, whatever the event, they cannot fail but be impressed as to the outfits that are available for them to wear at a fancy dress or animal themed event they may be invited to. Also, as both adult and child versions of animal outfits are becoming more available, it can make dressing up even more fun and add a family feel to the occasion. Adults planning to attend a fancy dress party or similar event that has a more adult theme and at a time when the children are in bed, however, will be happy to know there are many excellent "naughty" adult animal costumes to be had for those who like the excitement, fun and escapism attached to wearing one!