Wings, Wands & Halos

Fancy dress wings are an essential part of any girls' wardrobe, no matter how old that girl happens to be. In fact, fairy wings should be part of everyone's wardrobe regardless of age, sex or anything else. No matter what the occasion, whether it is a wedding day or you just need to get your housework done, the addition of wings to your outfit adds a little bit of sparkle to the day that no-one should ever be without.

Costume wings come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for any kind of happening too. Whether you are creating a costume for Halloween, New Years or birthday parties then adding wings to your outfit is always guaranteed to raise a smile. There is never anything other than a positive reaction when you are wearing wings. They make you and everyone around feel full of happiness and an extra little bit of fairy love.

Even for prom do's and hen nights, the addition of wings to your costume will help you to feel that extra bit special and for the smaller fairies among us then a set of beautiful wings is an absolute must. Every girl (or boy) should be able to have a fairy day whenever they feel like it. Costume wings make you happy and lift you up when you are feeling blue. With such a fantastic range of styles and colours to choose from there is a set of wings available for every occasion. In fact, why limit yourself to just one set?