Punk and Rock Mens wigs

Rock music has been a trend from the 1960s and has not stopped since then; from Queen, John Lennon (The Beetles), The Who, David Bowie, Pink Floyd to Ozzy Osbourne, these are just some the great rock legends who created rock music and inspired it to be what it is today!


Don’t forget Punk! Punk became a trend way back in the 1970s where people had crazy hairstyles like mohawks, mullets and short hair with long fringes.

From mullets with straight hair, multi-coloured mohawks, rockstar long wavy hair in a range of colours and short spikey hair. Whether you want to dress up as an on-screen character like; Magua from Last of the Mohicans, Mr. T from A Team or even De Niro in Taxi Driver we have a selection of mohawks in stock! Or celebrities off-screen like; Pink, Johnny Rotten from Sex Pistols or even a famous country singer like Billy Ray Cyrus….