Tutus & Petticoats

Tutus are not just for ballerinas they are essential items for any 80's party or for sexy outfits. They come in a wide range of colours including black for sexy looks and an array of neon shades for 80's parties or other colourful occasions. Tutus are available in different lengths and sizes to fit men, women and children. Super short ones work for an extra sexy outfit and are great for those lucky enough to have good legs to flaunt or those who are just really daring and who want to really make a statement with their outfit.

Made from organza, tutus are a fun addition to other outfits for example a nurse's outfit or a sexy female police officer, they can take your look to a new level.

Fancy dress petticoats form the base of many outfits and are also available in many colours. A red petticoat can be the start of a great devil outfit, a pretty pink one could be used for a fairy or sexy look, a white one could be the base for an angel get up. They can look cute, sexy or funny depending on the rest of the outfit and accessories you choose to wear with it. Use the petticoat as the foundation of your fancy dress outfit and build from there.

The frilly style of both the fancy dress tutu and petticoat makes them playful items of fancy dress clothing, items to have fun with. Petticoats can also be worn underneath other skirts or dresses to increase volume.