Trousers & Shorts

When it comes to finding the fancy dress clothes needed for your costume of choice, some customers find that they do not need to purchase an entire outfit and prefer to create their own costume out of separate pieces. Others prefer to opt for one special piece that livens up or complements items that they already own.

An eye-catching or themed shirt can be an excellent way of creating a great fancy dress costume. Vintage-style shirts are a good choice for parties that have a previous decade as their theme, such as the 1960's or 1970's, or when replicating the outfit of a famous singer or fictional character.

Fancy dress trousers can also be a great way of accessorising existing outfits. Pick the right trousers and you can become your favourite rock star, historic character or even recreate the outfits that you once wore in your youth.

Pants and shorts are also popular when it comes to fancy dress clothing that does not break the bank. Whether you are looking for hot pants, Hawaiian shorts or something a little different, these can be a great way to create a fun and unusual outfit.

Whatever the type of costume you are looking to create, by selecting an eye-catching shirt, some funky trousers, fun pants or shorts, it is easy to come up with a winning costume. Whether you are creating an outfit from scratch or looking to adapt items that you already have, by picking the right accessories you can soon have your costume of choice.