Trophies & Awards

Trophies and Awards are great way to reward someone for their achievements. It recognises their hard work and is nice keepsake for them as a reminder of their achievement. We have a range of trophies and awards that you could use for your Award Ceremony. Awards are great for fancy dress parties you can give awards for the best costume, the scariest costume, the worst costume, most creative, sexiest costume and some of our awards you can add the name of the winner to the name plate sticker.


Football managers are very fond of recognising achievements and progress of his or her team players. Football trophies can range from our champion trophy cup to a shooting star award trophy, and sometimes engraved trophies are given to add a personal touch.

Award medals are sometimes given to those who achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in an event. Our Halloween Award Ribbons are perfect for this when it comes to Halloween costumes. Prize medals can also be an acknowledgement for participation; therefore everyone receives one as a keepsake. Our gold winner medallion comes in a pack of 12 and this would be perfect for giving to large amounts of people at your Prize-Giving ceremony.

Military Medals are available for you to add the finishing touches to your Army costume. Usually Military Medals are received for acts of bravery and therefore are something to be proud of. So make your Soldier costume look authentic and a military medal or 10!