Childrens - Tights

They fall into basic categories and each style has multiple possible uses. They are suitable for all people and come in sizes for men, women and children.


Black fishnet tights or stockings are ideal for Halloween, sexy outfits, pirates, gangsters and molls or cops and robbers. Black fishnet tights really are the staple tight for many costumes including imaginative ideas beyond the ones listed.

Neon shades of stockings or tights are great for the 'ugly' roles, or for 70's and 80's parties. They come in lots of different shades, including green which can also be used for St Patrick's Day.

White tights and fancy dress stockings are best for doctors and nurses, sexy outfits and fairy based costumes. They suit these costumes perfectly and when embellished with bows and lace tops they can be extra sexy.

Halloween is the classic dressing up occasion and this is when blood stained and skeleton tights come into their own. Blood stained ones could also add a nice humorous twist to a nurse's outfit.

If you are worried about deciding between stockings and tights it is worth knowing that stockings come with stay-up tops so they are just as easy to wear.