Skin Effects & Skin Protection

Want to change up your skin appearance? What better way to do it than with some amazing skin effects. Skin effects can be anything from changing the appearance of your nose or face to adding fake scars and bloody cuts to your body.




Kryolan is a world renowned movie and theatrical makeup company and we stock a great selection of their professional makeup to help you create your desired skin effect. 

Liquid Latex is one of the more practical ways to create skin effects, it is ideal for making ‘zombie’ skin, scars and open wounds. We stock a range of different sizes of latex, a 2ml bottle for a single use or 100mls, 250mls, 500mls and 1000mls for multiple uses. It also comes in two different colours, clear or skin coloured. Large bottles of latex are great for makeup artists and special effects makeup artists.

Our Special F/X professional makeup range includes FX wax, and different types of blood. The F/X wax is great for altering your facial features, such as creating a bigger nose, making cheek bones more prominent and for covering eyebrows. The S F/X blood is a high quality blood great to add to scars, cuts and open wounds. The FX blood comes in different shades, you can choose between dark blood and light blood depending on the Halloween make-up look you are going for.

Skin special effects aren’t just about the products you use, it can also require certain make-up tools to help with the moulding and creating of the special makeup effects. The most recommended tool for creating skin special effects is the spatula. This helps shape the makeup product when it is on the skin. Other make up tools that may be used when creating special effects make up include make-up brushes to add makeup to the effect, modelling tools for finer details and mixing tools or make-up blending plates to combine products together.

Makeup is the finishing touch to all costumes and special effects makeup is becoming more popular. Halloween special effects make-up and theatre special effects look great and can make any costume stand out and with the correct make up products and make up tools they are extremely easy to do, so why not give it a go yourself!