Halloween Blood & Gore

What’s the first thing you think of when Halloween comes around? Blood, zombies, vampires, wounds and more, right? Or maybe you’re into SFX makeup and want to add to your collection? We have everything you could need for a bloody and gory look!

If you want to try out a fake wound transfer or a gnarly zombie bite temporary tattoo set, or create one yourself using cine-wax, spirit gum and fake blood, by looking through this category you will find all the necessities in creating a walking dead human!

We have many different, bloods, latex, spirit gums, collodions, removers and much more with different price ranges, so we know everyone will find a product most suitable for them.

Maybe you’d like to transform into a creepy clown and are looking for the right products? We have a clown paint kit to help you out! Or you’re looking to fully get into character with our tooth enamel perfect for blacking out a tooth or giving a gold tooth effect!