FanBrush Sticks

Our fanbrush paint applicators contain various colours of instant face and body paint. Show your support during parades, sports matches, country events or gay pride events by swiping the fanbrush to quickly apply paint to your face and arms!


Simply swipe the Fanbrush stick across your desired body part for instant application! Remove using soapy water or a make-up wipe! We advise this product is to be used on individuals aged 3+ years. Each fanbrush is approximately 6cm x 4cm and lasts for several metres of product application.

We have provided examples of countries and teams that can be represented within each product description, so please check them out for ideas! Whether it’s Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, England, France, or any other country you support, we are sure we have a fanbrush in your country or team colours! Take a look and make sure to buy a fan brush for your next Rugby, Gaelic football, Soccer or Hurling match!

Lastly, our beautiful rainbow coloured fan brush is perfect for any LGBT or gay pride event! This fanbrush is great for creating LGBT gay pride flags on your face and arms! Show your support and get your gay pride fanbrush today!