Leis & Garlands

Apparently there are some people who think the only time that it is appropriate to wear a Hawaiian garland is when you are wearing a grass skirt and seashell bra. This just is not the case. There are all sorts of places and experiences in life that can be brightened up by the addition of a colourful lei or garland.

Having a party? Why not decorate the room with a few colourful flower garlands – round picture frames or on the table between dishes (cheap and can just be recycled at the end of the evening!). This can be especially good for children's parties and can also be given to each child as they arrive – or leave – as a gift. Keep the price down with the multipacks and mix the pastel colours with the brighter colours for variety. What garden wouldn't be brightened up by Hawaiian garland during the event.

Running a training session? Use one during your ice breaking session. If you prefer something a bit more solid or food orientated there are also the onion or garlic garlands available!

Of course if you are going to a fancy dress party and are not planning to do a Hawaiian outfit, there are other ways to use the flowers. Pin or tack them on to hems necks sleeves and waists to give an extra touch to fairy princess outfits. Dress up a straw hat or a bonnet or use the flower garlands in your hair.

The only thing that limits the use of this pretty, inexpensive accessory, is your imagination.