Hairspray & Spray Cans

This temporary colour hairspray will give you colour to coordinate with your costume, flash up your outfit for the club, or shock your friends! Or maybe you’re going all out for your Halloween costume and making sure you cover every detail? Make sure your hair colour is not forgotten! For all of those zombie costumes, you need white coloured hairspray to ensure you pull of the ‘dead look’. We have a huge range of temporary coloured hair spray available for buy online and in store. This hairspray is the easy way to try something new without the permanence of real hair dye! Simply style your hair, spray on the colour and wash out with shampoo and water!


Instant colour hairspray means no hassle and no waiting around for the colour to develop! Natural hair is easier to style than wigs, so colour hair spray is the perfect option! What is an Evil Cruella costume without the crazy black and white hair? Or why not dress up in a Katy Perry fancy dress costume and top it off with purple hair using a colour hairspray can?

For those onstage performances we have professional Kryolan Colour Hairspray to ensure you get that natural look. Kryolan Color hairspray can be used on both natural hair and wigs.

Want to stand out in the dark? We have UV Blacklight Colour Hairspray. This special effects hair spray is invisible under normal light but glows under ultra violet lighting and is the perfect accessory for a fun night out (most clubs use UV light).

Elliott’s also has a number of other spray can products such as silly string and avalanche spray. Silly string comes in a range of colours and is great for parties! Silly string guns are also available at Elliott’s.

Splurge spray is usually used in school’s for the Bugsy Malone production. The silly string gun is the perfect accessory for the splurge pray when acting out the scene of this ‘gangster’ feel movie.