Glasses & Eyewear

As all of those who enjoy fancy dress will know: the key to a good costume lies in the small details. It is the cleverly chosen accessories that have the potential to transform any outfit from fine to fantastic and this is particularly true when it comes to fancy dress.

One of the easiest ways to add the finishing touches to your fancy dress costume is with a well chosen pair of glasses. Ladies, if you are planning to work a 1950s Grease-inspired look, why not compliment your prom-dress with a pair of feline 50s glasses. Would-be T Birds and Teddy Boys will also complete their look with a pair of sunglasses inspired by the classic Ray Ban Wayfarers.

Particular jobs are also associated with particular style of fancy dress glasses. A pilot's costume will, of course, be all the better for a pair of aviators à la Tom Cruise in Top Gun and every crazy professor needs a classic pair of milk bottle glasses.

'Back to School' fancy dress parties are getting more and more popular, meaning geek chic is back with a vengeance. To really rock that geek look, fancy dress geek glasses are an absolute must and what's more, they can double up as a perfect pair of Harry Potter glasses! What more could you want?

Glasses aren't the only eyewear that can add the finishing touches to a great costume. For would-be pirates, an eye-patch is of course a must – no salty sea dog should be seen without a black eye patch and wooden leg!