Eye Masks - Masquerade Ball

Zorro, a burglar and Catwoman all have something in common and that's an eye mask. It's the perfect accessory for remaining anonymous and here at Elliott's our range just keeps growing. If it’s a superhero or villain you want to be, then a plain eyemask is probably what you need! Have a look at our online store to see our fantastic range. However, for a more prestigious event such as a masquerade ball, a Venetian detailed eyemask may be what you’re looking for, and we have a wide range online and in store!

A masquerade ball is an event in which people attend wearing an eye mask fancy dress accessory to conceal their identity. This type of costume party dates back to the 15th century when only the wealthy and most prestigious of people attended these events. The fad spread throughout Europe over the next few centuries. Today masquerade balls are still a big event in Italy where the masks worn by both men and women are elaborately decorated and the style is much richer and exaggerated than our much more reserved tastes. Often in Italy you will see the men wearing Nasone maks - long nose masks, Venetian Jester eye masks - a mask resembling a Jester with bells, or a Bauta a mask is a  very masculine; it is square from the forehead to the pointed jaw and from the temples to the lower jaw, great for hiding your identity at the ball.

Here at Elliots we have a range of eye masks for formal or charity events from elegant feminine eyemasks with bead and feather detail; detailed Venetian full face masks for men; eyemasks that compliment costumes such as the black swan eyemask; plain black eyemasks are popular with men looking for something simple and not over stated - these eye mask are also popular fancy dress accessories for robbers, burglars or superheroes.

Eyemasks are worn in many different ways depending on their style. For example, we have eye masks that tie with ribbon; elasticated eyemasks; eye masks on a stick and some have a headband. This factor should be taken into consideration for your comfort.

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