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From Bo Peeps crook to a Shepherds staff, the perfect fancy dress cane, crook or stick can add that special something extra to finish off your costume. Fancy dress canes come in all shapes and sizes. The most common fancy dress canes are plastic dance canes, walking sticks & superhero canes. Fancy dress crooks can assist you in getting the perfect little Bo Peep look or make your Sheppard look perfect in the Christmas play.

Pimp canes usually come made from plastic with various different sizes and colours available. Some of the most popular pimp canes are those in leopard print, gold and black colours. Pimp canes can have different style tops on them; they can come with mirror balls, plain silver tops, gothic tops and tops made in the shape of a skull are popular (especially with those wishing to play Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter).

For those who want to dress up as an old man or woman a fancy dress walking stick, either  realistic or inflatable will add the finishing touch to your costume. Fancy dress walking sticks can also be used for those wishing to dress up as Yoda from Star Wars.

The majority of fancy dress crooks, canes and walking sticks are made from either bamboo or plastic. Crooks, canes and walking sticks come in different lengths so the smallest and the tallest people can find a suitable cane, crook or walking stick for them.

Looking for something eccentric? Why not consider an inflatable walking stick or zimmer frame to add that extra bit of humour to your OAP costume!

Walking sticks, crooks and canes also have the added bonus of offering you a little support when on your way home from your fancy dress party.

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