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From flapper girls to hen nights no outfit is complete without a feather boa. Feather boas come in all colours and lengths; a black feather boa will give a sophisticated look to any outfit, whilst pink boas can be worn for breast cancer support in any fun run or charity event. Boas come with tinsel thread through them for extra shine and can be made from various synthetic or real feathers.

Boas can be made from turkey, Ostrich, Marabou or synthetic feathers. Ostrich boas consist of thousands of long thin feathers woven into ply and make extremely fluffy boas. Ostrich boas are more glamorous and take the appearance of Las Vegas showgirl boas, these boas can look dramatic at any distance.

Turkey boas use large flat turkey feathers to make the boa. These boas are heavier in style and usually are about 30cm in length weighing around 120 to 400 grams. Chandelle boas use the smaller turkey feathers to make lighter, smaller diameter boas.

Marabou boas use the down from a Marabou which is very fine and produces a very thin but fluffy boa.

Synthetic feathers can be used to make colourful boas perfect for adding a splash of colour to a fun fancy dress costume. These synthetic boas are often used when cheap feather boas are required to just add a touch of class to a costume.

Boas are often used in festivals and carnivals such as Mardi gras or during Halloween. Some social clubs wear them at their meetings.

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