Birthday Party

Are you organising a birthday party for someone special, maybe a children’s birthday party or even you are throwing yourself a party? If so, check out our range of birthday essentials, decoration sets, themed party decoration, party bag fillers, balloons, and all our add-on’s that we know you want!


There are always some essentials you need to make the day extra special; colourful cake candles with colourful swirls or the candles that read ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY,’ or maybe just a happy birthday cake topper. Depending on who the party is for really depends on the essentials; for a children’s party you may want to have a theme with all the add-on’s, at Elliott’s we have a nice range of themes. Maybe you’re shopping for your own birthday, then your priorities would be totally different such as; shot glasses, cocktails glasses and drinks umbrellas.

Our children’s birthday party themes include; Harry Potter, Superhero’s, Pirates and Dinosaurs. For adult’s parties we have Hawaiian, St Patricks Day, USA, western and many more! Within all these themes there are paper cups, plates, balloons, napkins, banners, bunting, flags and even snack trays and boxes!

Perhaps you’re in need of colourful balloons that read ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ as they always look great tied onto garden gates, door, and windows, or maybe you are wanting a helium balloon as most of these are double-sided so that you can see them from all angles of the room.

The best part of planning children’s birthday parties is making up the party bag! As you start to think about the different party bag filler; bubble swords, themed bubble tubes, yoyo’s, glow sticks, jumping frogs, hand clappers, musical flutes, plastic heart bracelets, pull back cars the list of toy party favours is never ending. We have a wide selection of kid’s party favours; we even have an assorted bag of toys. We also have a huge range of add-ons for your party from an inflatable photobooth photo frame to mini cake hats and fun novelty glasses.

If you’re shopping for birthday party essentials, accessories or decorations check out our range as we have many themes and individual products that you need to create an awesome party!