SWAT Assault Rifle - 66cm


Product Description

This Assault Rifle is the perfect accessory for any Police or Swat costume. This detail and size of the gun is sure to impress your Officer.

This Assault Rifle is the perfect accessory for any Swat, Special Forces or Mercenary Soldier costume.

Maybe you’re in the (SWAT) Special Police preparing to make a drug bust and rescue some hostages or you’re in the (SAS) Special Forces going on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines… well this is the gun for you!

The Assault Rifle has good detailing, including scope, safety trigger and long magazine,and the gun is made from plastic but looks the part!

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Although there is a trigger the gun makes no sound when it is pulled.

Approx. measurment: 66cm in length

Please note that there is a compartment for batteries, however the gun has not been wired for sound effects, so please ignore this compartment.

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