Kryolan Professional Stipple Sponge - Coarse Pore - to create unshaven look or wound effect


Product Description

Kryolan Stipple Sponge/Textured Sponge it is a very coarse-pore sturdy sponge.

They can be used to apply make-up and special effects.

Adding Texture to Wax, Artex and Putty, by taking the flat unnatural look away so it resembles skin.
Unshaven appearance - Pick up a small amount of black make-up on the  sponge and dab onto a clean, dry chin for instant  stubble.  
Wound - Pick up a small amount of black make-up on the sponge and  scrape along the forehead, do the same with a little blood.  
For best results: use alongside the fresh scratch two tone drying blood, its thick consistency works well with the  sponge. Simply drag the blood across the skin and allow to dry.

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