Kryolan Soft Putty 100g


Product Description

KRYOLAN: Soft Putty is an easily moulded, sticky putty with especially good adhesive characteristics and does not require spirit gum (however, you can use spirit  gum if required).

Apply the putty directly to your face from the bag using a spatula. Do not use your hands or apply lubricant at this point as it will affect the adhesive qualities.
Shape while on the skin and before doing so ensure that the  fingers and tools have been moistened with a water based lubricant like  KY jelly.Do not use Vaseline as this will degrade the waxy putty and also make it harder to apply make-up.

The lubricant will make it easier to smooth the surface of the wax and blend the edges evenly.

Apply a thin layer of Sealer to your prosthetic and surrounding skin. Once dry, the Sealer leaves a see-through membrane providing a non-absorbent and even textured layer and it’s advisable to apply Translucent Powder before applying make-up.

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